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From: Andreas Stötzner (as@signographie.de)
Date: Sat Apr 25 2009 - 08:23:03 CDT

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    After the Dublin WG2 meeting and on behalf of the German delegation I
    want to express acknowledgements to all those who participated in the
    symbols encoding decisions. We much appreciate the responsible
    contributions raised in the Emoji-ad-hoc and the passionate discussion
    which went on before.

    The art of dealing with symbol characters may well become even more
    relevant in the future and therefore Ireland and Germany were concerned
    about the best way to do this. In that spirit we forwarded document
    N3607. After having reached a remarkable consensus we are now happy and
    grateful about what now goes into the balloting process. For the
    yet-to-be solved more severe parts of the emoji compatibility character
    sets we are optimistic that a viable solution can be found as well.

    I want to expressively thank the colleagues at Apple and Google, who
    participated in this demanding debate via telephone, for their sense of
    cooperation. A special Thanks to Peter Constable for his outstanding
    moderation on Wednesday.


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