Re: Which Character sets to support for kazakh cyrillic alphabet ?

From: Kenneth Whistler (
Date: Tue Apr 28 2009 - 17:22:58 CDT

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    Ankur Mathur asked:

    > I need to implement support for Kazakh cyrillic alphabet.

    > - CT PK 10482002 for Windows (a modification of code page 1251)
    > Now I couldn't find any more detail online about these two character sets.
    > Please help me know, which all char sets should I support for this alphabet.
    > And if the above char sets are the standard ones, where can I find their
    > mapping tables (with unicode code points) ?

    FYI, to supplement Mark Leisher's posting of the conversion table
    for CT PK 1048 2002, I've also made my own mapping table
    for KZ1048 available on the Unicode website:

    I've checked, and the contents match Mark Leisher's mapping
    table for KZ1048, with the exception of our differing handling
    of the undefined code point 0x98 in KZ1048. Mark's table
    maps that to U+FFFD, and my table leaves it unmapped.


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