Fwd: So much for accuracy!

From: Behnam (behnam.rassi@gmail.com)
Date: Wed May 13 2009 - 16:12:14 CDT

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    > On 13-May-09, at 2:57 PM, Asmus Freytag wrote:
    >> On 5/12/2009 1:32 PM, Adam Twardoch wrote:
    >>> Behnam wrote:
    >>>> This is interesting!
    >>>> Arabic script knew something when it opted for reading the
    >>>> entire word
    >>>> instead of individual characters!
    >>> Indeed, it must have been after the Arabic script decided to add the
    >>> dots which differentiate between different letters (before this was
    >>> done, the same one letter represented e.g. baa, taa and thaa).
    >>> But how
    >>> do you explain that the Arabic script never opted to write most
    >>> vowels?
    >> Surely, that's because of the way vowels are used in the language.
    >> A./
    > Vowel mowel... who needs it!
    > But in a slightly more serious tone, this is admittedly a handicap
    > of the script, whether we use it or not.
    > I can't speak for Arabic language because it is more structured and
    > also because I don't know much. Although I'm told there too, there
    > is a vast variety of accents. But for different accents in Persian
    > for example, a word can practically take vowels at will! Anybody,
    > no matter where he's coming from can understand the meaning of a
    > written word without the vowels. But if you ask 10 people from 10
    > different region to agree on how to put vowels on it, you are in
    > trouble!
    > Of-course there is some 'official' interpretation as everywhere
    > else. But it never stops people using their accent does it?
    > So since Arabic script is mostly read word by word, and we only
    > focus on its components when the word is not instantly recognized,
    > vowels become more or less irrelevant. Incidentally, the vowel
    > takes the same attention as the components and it is marked -at
    > least in my practice- when the word is not instantly recognizable.
    > -b

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