Re: Dozenal chars in music

From: John W Kennedy (
Date: Fri May 22 2009 - 13:29:01 CDT

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    On May 19, 2009, at 6:54 PM, Mark E. Shoulson wrote:
    > I knew someone who would read the hexadecimal F as "fox", I assume
    > part of a set, and he didn't seem to feel it was unique or
    > idiosyncratic, so I guess there's a community out there which uses
    > those. (I guess you could use Alpha, Bravo, Charlie, etc. from the
    > NATO phonetic alphabet or one of its older versions. That's probably
    > where the "Fox" is from...).

    It almost is. But it's from the WW2-era "Able Baker Charlie Dog Easy
    Fox...." "Alpha Bravo...." was little known to civilians when IBM
    introduced the System/360 (which didn't introduce hexadecimal, but
    first made it important), and was positively despised by those few
    older veterans who had heard of it.

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