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From: Christopher Fynn (
Date: Wed Jun 03 2009 - 21:45:11 CDT

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    OpenOffice on Windows seems to rely on Uniscribe for rendering complex
    scripts & combining characters - on Linux I think it is using an ICU
    based complex text rendering system which may produce different results.

    In OpenOffice Writer on both platforms do you have "Enabled for complex
    text layout (CTL)" turned on?
    [Tools > Options > Languages > Language Settings > Enabled for complex
    text layout (CTL)]

    For Vietnamese, you might get more consistent results across platforms
    by using an input method that produces pre-composed characters rather
    than one that adds combining diacritics characters after base
    characters. Then you would not be relying on complex script rendering
    for Vietnamese.

    - C

    Damon Anderson wrote:
    > Ok, I'm a bit confused here... I understand that the major barrier to
    > display of Unicode lies in fonts, but how does this relate to platforms?
    > I have a document composed in OpenOffice on Windows using the Verdana
    > font and the Unikey unicode keyboard driver for Vietnamese. I open the
    > same document in my OpenOffice on Linux (Kubuntu) after installing the
    > Verdana font and many of diacritical marks are now on the wrong letters
    > or shifted to the right one character space. If even the font displays
    > aren't consistent across platforms where in lies the problem and how can
    > I distribute consistently displayed documents?

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