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From: Arne Goetje (
Date: Thu Jun 04 2009 - 08:34:27 CDT

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    Hi Damon,

    Damon Anderson wrote:
    > Having the pre-composed characters is a boon, and I would hope that
    > UniKey is defaulting to precomposed specifically to avoid rendering
    > issues. I've tried dozens of times to find a way to analyze the output
    > from Unikey and from the more popular (but not free/open) Vietkey, but I
    > have yet to find a decent text editor that allows me to view the actual
    > encoding.
    > Any suggestions on a tool that I can type into on Windows and then
    > display the actual UTF-8 encoding?

    yudit for Linux.

    > -Damon
    > P.S. Also for all you Vietnamese/Linux/Unicode buffs out there... Any
    > pointers on how to getting SKIM to actual work? I have to run a windows
    > VM just to type Vietnamese currently.

    Which Linux distribution do you use?
    Did you install the scim-m17n package? That one contains the Vietnamese


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