Re: unicode to postscript

From: Hans Aberg (
Date: Wed Jun 10 2009 - 08:56:01 CDT

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    On 10 Jun 2009, at 15:37, Tommy Nordgren wrote:

    > i want to print with language-dependent syntax highlighting. For an
    > example:
    > enscript --fancy-header=a2ps -f Courier6 -Eobjc <anObjectiveCFile>
    > The -E option (which can usually be written without a parameter)
    > tells enscript to use synatx highlighting.
    > (For .m files the parameter is necessary, since encript defaults to
    > matlab highlighting for .m files)

    You can print syntax highlighting for Objective-C and some other
    languages from within Xcode. See Preferences -> Fonts & Colors. I
    haven't tried it though. Then File -> Print -> Save as PS.


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