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From: Michael Everson (
Date: Wed Jul 08 2009 - 02:59:37 CDT

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    First I'm looking at my fonts, the set of fonts which I will propose
    for Unicode 6.0. These are all based on Evertimes. In the 5.0 charts,
    we have a mix between some of Fiscella's old fonts and Evertimes.

    So I'm just going to look at what I see in the 5.2 chart (from the
    "non-Han" public PDF) and what I see in my fonts. I don't know which
    fonts Rick used to generate the 5.2 fonts (Rick, see whatever .cfl you
    are using and tell me please).

    > 00AF MACRON longer than in previous charts

    In my Uni0000Latinone font 00AF MACRON is 682 em units wide. 0072
    LATIN SMALL LETTER R is also 682 em units wide. Compare 005F
    UNDERSCORE and 006E LATIN SMALL LETTER N which are both 1024 em units

    In my Uni0100Latinextendeda font the macron on 0101 LATIN SMALL LETTER
    A WITH MACRON is the identical width and thickness of 00AF MACRON.

    > 017F LATIN SMALL LETTER LONG S glyph slightly changed to have more
    > distinct serif. If this change was intentional then 1E9B should be
    > changed to match 017F

    In my Uni0100Latinextendeda font 017F LATIN SMALL LETTER LONG S is
    identical to 0066 LATIN SMALL LETTER F except the right crossbar is
    removed. (It's supposed to look like that.)

    In my Uni1E00Latinextendedadditional font all three long esses 1E9B..
    1E9D have the identical base as 017F.

    If Rick is using the font entitled Uni1E00 then the first of the long
    esses 1E9B is Fiscellas (because for Unicode 5.0 we were not supposed
    to change from Fiscella's glyphs) and the other two long esses 1E9C..
    1E9D have the Evertimes long esses becuase those are the glyphs which
    we have always had (they were new with the medievalist material).

    For a quick fix I can substitute the Evertimes long s for 1E9B. I have
    uploaded Uni1E00 to my folder on book.

    > 0192 LATIN SMALL LETTER F WITH HOOK glyph changed, probably
    > intentionally

    In my Uni0180Latinextendedb this letter is vertical and looks
    identical to 0066 LATIN SMALL LETTER F except that it extends below
    with the hooked tail of the letter j.

    The italicized f is from Fisc0180Latinextendedb. (Ken, this is the
    real problem with this character as used by Apple for "florin" and
    "folder"; many fonts italicize it which makes it rather useless for
    African languages.)

    The quickest fix or this is to make a new vertical f-hook out of
    Fiscella's f and j (not a great fix since 20% of the characters in
    that font are Evertimes anyway. I have uploaded this font to my folder
    on book.

    > 1D2F MODIFIER LETTER CAPITAL BARRED B bar has disappeared

    In my Uni1D00Phoneticextensions font, the bar is there.

    Michael Everson *

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