RE: Gwoyeu Romatzyh marking the optional neutral tone

From: Kenneth Whistler (
Date: Mon Jul 13 2009 - 16:18:55 CDT

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    Zhou clarified:

    > ... but Chao's dictionary does specify:
    > A small circle before a character or a syllable indicates
    > optional neutral tone. [p. xxxvii]
    > I agree with Charlie Ruland's guess that Chao intended this as -
    > in our terms - a "half-width" version of U+3002 IDEOGRAPHIC FULL STOP.
    > It is definitely neither U+2092 LATIN SUBSCRIPT SMALL LETTER O
    > nor U+2080 SUBSCRIPT ZERO .

    In that case, Unicode has just what the doctor ordered:


    The main problem with insisting on etymological correctness,
    however, is that U+FF61 may not be as well-represented in
    general purpose fonts as some of the other choices.


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