RE: Ultracode bar code symbology for Unicode 5

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Date: Mon Jul 27 2009 - 05:22:48 CDT

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    When using French or German or other Office MUI, where ALT+X is assigned elsewhere (e.g. menu "Tools" is "E&xtras"),
    the hotkey ALT+C is used to encode hex numbers to Unicode characters and vice versa.

    To have this command in a menu, open the menu/toolbar customize mode and, in the "Commands" sheet, choose category "Format" and then
    pick the last command from the command list, called "Toggle Character Code" in English. (applies to Word 2003)
    (French: Basculer le code du carac&tère; German: Zeichencode &ein/ausschalten.)
    By using "drag & drop", the command can be put to the menu.

    Then, in the menu entry, the hotkey is displayed, which may be different whenever you use a Word version different from English.


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    Also in Word or WordPad, you can type Alt+x after the Unicode character and the character is replaced by the hex value of the character. This works for higher planes as well as the BMP. For higher planes the hex value is in UTF-32.


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