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Date: Mon Jul 27 2009 - 04:00:19 CDT

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    Scríobh Asmus Freytag:
    > On 7/26/2009 2:03 PM, karl williamson wrote:
    >> I'm trying to come up with an alias to propose to the UCT
    > UTC
    >> for the misleadingly named Age property. People tend to think from
    >> the name that Age=3.2 means that the code point dates to version 3.2,
    >> when in fact it means it dates to at least 3.2.
    >> There are a couple of things which make this hard.
    > The first of them is that Unicode does not rename properties, once
    > they have been published. (Names for properties newly introduced in a
    > beta are fair game, but this one's been around).
    > At best, Unicode could introduce *another* name (aka "alias") for the
    > property. This is something that gets done sparingly, for obvious
    > reasons, since it could lead to confusion. Usually, only a short and a
    > long name are created for a new property.
    > So, you'll need to demonstrate that the problem with this name is at
    > least as bad, if not worse, for those of any other existing property,
    > and second, the new alias will need to be a definite improvement.
    > Finally, it should be related to the existing alias (which will
    > _continue to exist_ after all), so that users will get the connection.
    >> One is that the term "assigned" (and its antonym, "unassigned") has a
    >> somewhat different meaning here than usual, which is that permanent
    >> non-characters are considered assigned here, but not elsewhere.
    >> Thus, Age=Unassigned includes a different set of code points than
    >> General_Category=Unassigned, the difference being the
    >> non-characters. I think there should be a different term for the Age
    >> version. I think Age=None would be good.
    > Now you are asking not only for a new alias for the property, but also
    > for a new alias for one of the _values_ of that property. That's a
    > separate proposal in an of itself. I think "Age=Unassigned" can mean
    > "no age has been assigned", which fits nicely. By the way, there's
    > never been a requirement to have the property values have unique names
    > across different properties. Each property effectively creates its own
    > namespace for the identifiers of property values. For example, all
    > Boolean properties use the values Y and N, yet the ranges for which
    > these apply are different.
    >> The other problem is that, say, the alias "Assigned_In=4.0" could
    >> mean either already there in 4.0, or 4.0 introduced it. A verb that
    >> is more passive would be better.
    >> I have some possibilities, but would like some more:
    >> In=2.1 or In_Version=3.0
    >> Known_To=5.1 or Known_In, Known_In_Version, Known_To_Version
    >> I've looked at thesauruses, and there are words like allotted,
    >> allocated, but again they're too active, and don't convey the
    >> non-characters; the best I think so far is In_Version.
    > The problem with "age" is that in real life it connotes an ever
    > changing number counting the units of time since something came into
    > being. As used for this property, it really means "birthdate" or
    > "birth-version", i.e. the fixed point in time something was added to
    > the standard.
    > So, "Version_for_which_added" or "Earliest_Version" would have been
    > better names for that property because they conform to the readers
    > expectations by designating a point in time, or, if not actual time,
    > then a place in a succession of versions.
    > "AssignedInVersion"
    > "AssignmentVersion"
    > Now, there's a special situation with the "age" property, and that is
    > that its short and long alias are identical (except for casing, which
    > doesn't count). So, Age really doesn't have a long alias. That would
    > allow for the possibility of creating a new long alias, for which
    > "age" is an abbreviation. Something like
    > "AssiGnedEarliest", hence A.G.E or age.
    > A./

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