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Date: Wed Aug 12 2009 - 16:58:36 CDT

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    I doesn't have any meaning in terms of real Japanese layout. In this case it probably just means "don't oblique a standard font"??

    It is instructive to note that the word "italic" never appears anywhere in the W3C's "Requirements for Japanese Text Layout" [1]. There is a quite extensive section on emphasis, however.

    Probably a better option, if the idea is to preserve the visual impact of italics, would be to use a different font, such as one in the "calligraphic" style (as opposed to Mincho or Gothic "printed" style fonts). This will still probably look really weird to Japanese people. But it might be better than, ur, an italic Japanese font?




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    > > she requires "real" italics to be used, not "fake" italics by
    > > slanting or skewing the text.
    > What does "real" italics even mean in the context of Japanese text?

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