Re: [unicode] Italic type in Hebrew and Armenian scripts

Date: Thu Aug 13 2009 - 11:54:17 CDT

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    On Thu, 13 Aug 2009 17:43:39 +0200 (CEST)
    Andreas Prilop <> wrote:

    >The thread "Japanese font that includes Italics" lets me ask:
    >Is italic type fully accepted today in Hebrew typography?
    >How to slant - clockwise or counterclockwise?

    We can find the slanting angle of some cursive hebrew was


    So there would not be remarkable advantage to use counter
    clockwise oblique typeface, for Hebrew.

    I guess the writing direction is not so important factor to
    determine the slanting angle of cursive script, but the hand
    (left or right) to write the script could be important.
    The traditional cursive CJK script in vertical writing mode
    also tends to make a horizontal line slanted from left-lower
    to right-upper.


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