RE: Greek characters in IPA usage

From: Nick Nicholas (
Date: Fri Aug 14 2009 - 23:31:02 CDT

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    Peter Constable:

    > When typesetting for print publication, one selects fonts to suit
    > the specific requirements of the publication. Perhaps Greek-speaking
    > linguists have problems. I don't know how many linguistic papers are
    > written and published in Greek. I also don't know what Greek IPAists
    > expect in their publications: Do they really want the minor
    > inconsistencies that arise from the differences for beta and theta,
    > or do they expect typographic consistency?

    In my experience, Greek linguists do their own typesetting, and even
    use Greek delta for edh: they have little idea about the issue. And
    that's because most Greek linguists wouldn't know about quality
    typography if it trod them on the foot, and any suggestion that this
    is a reason not to care about the Latin beta/Greek beta distinction
    should be trod on the foot as well. :-)

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