Re: Request change name of (as yet unpublished) 1CD3 VEDIC SIGN NIHSHVASA

From: Rick McGowan (
Date: Mon Aug 17 2009 - 13:03:37 CDT

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    Just FYI, this report first came to me on August 13, in time to forward
    to the UTC since they were meeting last week. It ended up as L2/09-298,
    and the UTC has already discussed it.

    I was given an action to respond to Mr Sharma, with effectively the same
    response that Michael has given below. We are already in contact with
    the people who worked on the original Vedic proposal, and people will be
    discussing possible annotations if appropriate. Note that this character
    already has a gloss "vaidika saamagaana yogakaala" that was (apparently)
    provided by Gov't of India during the proposal process.


    > On 17 Aug 2009, at 07:01, Shriramana Sharma wrote:
    >> I wish to place my request for changing the name of the sign 1CD3
    >> from VEDIC SIGN NIHSHVASA to something more appropriate. It was
    >> proposed by N3366 and is currently placed in Unicode 5.2.0 beta. I
    >> thought I should make an attempt before Unicode 5.2.0 officially
    >> becomes a standard.
    > It's too late for this. The last technical ballot on ISO/IEC 10646 has
    > passed. At this stage, name changes cannot be accepted.
    > An annotation could be added to the character, but the name cannot be
    > changed.
    > Michael Everson *

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