cursive IPA (was Re: Greek characters in IPA usage)

From: Roozbeh Pournader (
Date: Mon Aug 17 2009 - 14:21:24 CDT

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    On Sat, 2009-08-15 at 16:24 +0100, Julian Bradfield wrote:
    > Nowadays, the recommendation (see your most recent IPA Handbook)
    > is to simply to imitate the printed form; in the old days, there was a
    > cursive IPA with forms designed to join up. (It was a pain to learn (I
    > tried), and most people now have never heard of it - far easier to
    > hand-"print" the letters.)

    For the curious, a chart can be found on page 828 of Daniels & Bright
    (The World's Writing Systems, 1996).

    I couldn't find a copy of the chart on the net (not that I tried hard).


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