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From: Danny Piccirillo (danny.piccirillo@gmail.com)
Date: Thu Aug 20 2009 - 00:44:10 CDT

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    I recently went looking for a Unicode Copyleft symbol and was surprised to
    find that one did not already exist. Upon Googling the matter, i found
    two <http://unicode.org/mail-arch/unicode-ml/Archives-Old/UML022/0858.html>threads
    from 9 years ago. Why is there no Unicode Copyleft symbol? All
    arguments against it that may have held anything that long ago no longer do

    Thank you,

    > Proponents of the reversed copyright sign need to demonstrate, like
    > > everyone else, that the proposed character is in actual use.
    > As you might remember, the original intent for the copyleft character
    > inquiry comes from the groff (GNU troff) developer team. We are about
    > to move all documentation to the GNU Free Documentation License, a
    > copyleft license scheme available at
    > http://www.gnu.org/copyleft/fdl.html.
    > During this transition process, we recognized that there is no Unicode
    > character for the copyleft symbol. As our aim is (was?) to integrate
    > Unicode more deeply into the groff type-setting system, we delayed the
    > transition process.
    > So the 20+ documents in the groff package are supposed to use the
    > copyleft character, many thousands of documents in other GNU software
    > packages are on hold or actually do.
    > No doubt, you know about the strong market position of free software, so
    > you wouldn't want to have the unicode mail-list flooded with thousands
    > of mails proving or wanting to use of the character in question, would
    > you?
    > > If you can find actual software documentation that says, for example,
    > > "Copyleft * 2000 by Bernd Warken" (where * substitutes for the
    > > copyleft symbol), then that would be more convincing evidence of the
    > > need to encode the character.
    > There are such documents. The manual pages groff(7), groff_tmac(5), and
    > roff(7) were written by me, with the legal ownership donated to the Free
    > Software Foundation. We would really like to use the copyleft sign as
    > soon as possible - with some U+xxxx code.
    > Bernd Warken <bwarken@mayn.de>

    Aren't private-use characters to be used within relatively small,
    > well-contained organizations? ...hence the "private" in "private-use".
    > The copyleft idea, and now the copyleft character, will be used by a very
    > large number of people, or will at least be viewed by potentially many,
    > many people...with some people being part of the same organization, but
    > most coming from different ones. This would require different people around
    > the world to agree upon the code point of the character, which makes it a
    > quasi-standard, which seems exactly opposite the purpose of private-use
    > characters.
    > Just stirring up dust,
    > John O'Conner
    > Markus Scherer wrote:
    > > sounds to me like a private-use character, similar to the apple symbol.
    > > markus

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