CLDR 1.8 Schedule

From: Rick McGowan (
Date: Fri Aug 21 2009 - 14:37:30 CDT

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    We are planning to start data submission for the next version of CLDR
    soon, so people can start to coordinate their schedules. The main
    milestones for translators are:

        * 2009, Oct 02 - data submission starts.
        * 2009, Nov 24 - data vetting starts. New data cannot be entered
    except to fix problems in submitted data.
        * 2010, Jan 01 - data resolution starts. Only technical committee
    members can make changes
        * 2010, Feb 02 - final candidate available. The data is available as
    a "beta" for implementations to test. Only showstoppers are fixed after
    this point.
        * 2010, Mar 10 - target release date

    Translators will be asked to translate new terms, to extend the coverage
    of locales (translating terms that were not previously translated), and
    review other's proposed changes. We are also planning to have a new
    "Wizard" approach as an alternative method of data entry, so that people
    can walk through the data in a more targeted and organized way.

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