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Date: Sat Aug 22 2009 - 13:26:22 CDT

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    Am 17.08.2009 um 23:45 schrieb Julian Bradfield:
    > Both Michael and I are IPAists (i.e. long-standing members of the
    > IPA), and I am at times a phonetician, so they're not completely
    > ignorant;-)

    I’m pleased to notice.

    >> I think, beyond glyph shaping details, it all comes down to this
    >> simple
    >> question.
    > I rather thought the whole discussion had been about this "simple"
    > question.

    That’s my thought as well but the way towards the solution seems to be
    less simple …

    > …

    > … Unicode does have to make a catalogue
    > of the world's characters!
    > So if you could solve this simple problem, you would probably be a
    > hero in linguistics too!

    I just wonder in what field I may boast to be a hero already.
    Very well, I expect to get the praefix “Hr. ling.” granted to my name
    by this community as a substitute for the usual academic honors, if
    this proves to be a solution:

    This is a small selection of common Latin, Greek and IPA characters of
    Andron (one should have it). *No* special IPA-clones of the Greek
    Please judge if there arises any problem when these ch.s get used for
    IPA text.
    In my opinon this may well be a solution; however, in other’s opinion
    it won’t. Well …

    And this is the point. As I mentioned before, what works well with a
    font like this won’t work as well with fonts which render Greek in a
    more traditional style contrastive to Latin. There *must* be a way for
    these fonts too to provide the full IPA repertoire satisfactorily. If
    this way is VS that’s surely very sophisticated and very nice from a
    technical standpoint but – which applications do handle this safely?
    How much percent of the users are aware of eventually turning to other
    applications? Will they do so – !?

    Partly discontinuing existing text encoding practice – 20 years is
    almost neglectable – seems less challenging to me than a continuation
    of a logic fault in the standard which induces the same problems again
    and again.



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