Re: Visarga, ardhavisarga and anusvara -- combining marks or not?

From: Shriramana Sharma (
Date: Tue Aug 25 2009 - 22:03:34 CDT

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    On 2009-Aug-26 00:22, Asmus Freytag wrote:
    > the same reason, UTC is correct to continue to be
    > consistent with past practice in assigning Mc to any new
    > characters that are analogues to existing Mc characters.

    This is not entirely true. Tamil Sign Visarga is Lo, unlike the
    Visarga-s of other Indic scripts. OTOH it can be argued that the
    function of the Tamil Sign Visarga is not entirely visarga-like.

    I hope this practice of UTC doesn't mean that the visarga or
    ardhavisarga proposed for any new Indic script would have to be perforce
    Mc and Lo would not be allowed.

    Shriramana Sharma

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