Re: Run-time checking of fonts for Sinhala support

From: Roozbeh Pournader (
Date: Thu Aug 27 2009 - 13:47:36 CDT

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    On Fri, 2009-08-28 at 02:01 +1000, Harshula wrote:
    > Please elaborate if you actually found examples of contradictions. I
    > have CC'd those involved in the preparation of the documents.

    That's already on my to-do list. I am already in contact with Gihan
    Dias. I am also working with some UTC members to expand the Sinhala
    section of the Unicode standard. We plan to draw from SLS 1134 and will
    send our feedback to the authors of SLS 1134 after we found the time to
    research and discuss all the necessary details.

    > I don't think you actually answered the question. So, if SLS1134:Part2
    > stated something like 'Operating systems shall only recognise Level 1
    > compliant fonts as Sinhala fonts.', would that be sufficiently explicit
    > in your mind?


    But it seems to me that you are talking about a possible future version
    of the SLS 1134 standard.

    > > "'Computer systems preloaded with Sinhala' claiming to conform to SLS
    > > 1134:2004 should include at least one Sinhala font, preferably
    > > conforming to SLS 1134:2004 Level-1 font requirements."
    > 1) You say "should include at least"? Surely you mean "shall include at
    > least".

    I understand. The term "shall" in SLS 1134 probably means "MUST", not

    But it doesn't change anything. The main point is still there: SLS 1134
    does not require those 'computer systems' to check the fonts at
    run-time. It only requires them to include one font that is SLS 1134

    > 2) You say "preferably conforming to"? Surely you mean "confirming to".

    I don't understand this one.

    > I suggest you re-read the document.

    I did exactly that before I wrote my comments yesterday. And the
    sections you quoted were among the parts I re-read. How else could I
    have remembered the SLS 1134:Part 2 terminology?

    > 4.3 Computer Systems preloaded with Sinhala
    > When a vendor provides the entire computer system preloaded
    > with Sinhala, the user shall be able to work with Sinhala Unicode,
    > without installing any third party component in the computer
    > system. At a minimum the following components shall be provided
    > with the computer system:
    > a) Sinhala Display and printer driver
    > b) Sinhala Keyboard and keyboard driver
    > c) One Sinhala font
    > This system shall support Unicode-aware applications running in
    > Sinhala. The *three components* listed above *shall* have the
    > *specifications described under section 4.1.and 4.2.*

    This confirms what I wrote yesterday.

    It says that the one Sinhala font that is provided with the 'computer
    system preloaded with Sinhala' (who claim SLS 1134 support and wish to
    be certified as compliant) should have the specifications described in
    earlier sections.

    It does *not* say that the 'computer system' should check the other
    Sinhala fonts later installed to see if they have the specifications
    described in the earlier sections.

    > 4.2 Fonts
    > The fonts are standardized in 3 different levels. A level 1 font
    > provides basic Sinhala support, and higher levels support more
    > advanced features.
    > ---------------------------------------------------------

    This also confirms what I wrote yesterday.

    It says that fonts (who claim SLS 1134 support and wish to be certified
    as compliant) would need to choose one of the three different levels and
    make sure they support that level according to the standard.

    It does *not* say that any software should check fonts for level 1 (or
    any other) level conformance before using them.


    PS: I'm out of this. I believe I have proven my point that your claim
    about operating system/rendering engine design was your personal
    opinion, not what the SLS 1134 standard recommends. I don't have to
    convince you personally. I never intended to.

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