Re: Run-time checking of fonts for Sinhala support

From: Asmus Freytag (
Date: Sun Sep 06 2009 - 04:19:22 CDT

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    Nobody disagrees with your problem statement. Sinhalese users should
    expect software that handles their script. And, yes, there's maybe been
    a model change as the encoding model has settled. This is not the first
    time or the first script for which these issues have existed. And it
    won't be the last time.

    You are proposing a particular method to address this issue, and have
    asked for feedback. The feedback has come back that there is a consensus
    that the proposed method is not likely to be the best way to achieve
    what you want.

    Perhaps, rather than assuming that all of those who've taken the trouble
    to compose a reply simply don't understand your issue, perhaps the
    feedback is reasonable after all.

    To put in another way. In this business, you get more done with
    education and explanation than by dictating requirements via national
    standards (unless they happen to represent a _very_large_market_).


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