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Date: Sun Sep 06 2009 - 14:35:03 CDT

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    A friend of mine is completing a book on manufacturing in China. She references the writing systems, and I suggested she include some examples.
    I can generate examples for her, but I thought one of my font friends here might have particularly good examples and appreciate the reference (although the book’s audience is not likely to be a font purchaser.)
    To be selected for the book, she needs jpeg, high resolution images. Her editor says the bigger the better and they will shrink appropriately to fit the page requirements.
    I would suggest showing perhaps 3 characters, in simplified and traditional forms and a label with the meaning of the character.
    Black text on white background.
    Separate from the image, include how the (short) attribution should read.
    If selected, they will probably need a brief statement that you are the author of the image and have the authority to grant her publisher the right to publish, and that you do so.
    Decisions about including the image are up to her and her author.
    You can reply to me privately so as not to bog the list down.
    If you want to send something quick and dirty to see if they are interested first, and if selected to provide a more refined image, that is fine.
    (And will save me from receiving too many megabytes of images.)
    Tex Texin <> <>

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