Adding new emoji (from Re: Twitter started supporting emoji in Japan)

From: William_J_G Overington (
Date: Thu Oct 22 2009 - 04:45:22 CDT

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    Recently the Unicode Consortium announced a Unicode Haiku Contest.

    The result was later placed online, though no announcement of that was made to this list.

    Incidentally, is there a blog write up of the event or any pictures, still or movie please?

    Another event of which I am aware is as follows.

    Notwithstanding the file name of the page, it is an unjuried show.

    Now, the problem of adding more emoji to Unicode in an orderly manner without a proliferation of Private Use Area encodings occurring is an interesting problem.

    Considering all of the three items mentioned above, I am wondering if the Unicode Consortium might consider an open emoji art event for future Internationalization and Unicode Conferences, whereby there would be free entry and as many as possible of the entries would be printed out, just on ordinary office printer paper, and displayed in the area where the reception is to take place. Maybe there could be judging, maybe visitor voting, maybe both. It could be lots of fun, for people attending, for people sending in artwork and for people looking at the still pictures and the movie of the exhibition made available on line. Out of this event there would be a proposal for encoding some of the entries into Unicode and that would be considered at the next meeting of the Unicode Technical Committee. If this became a regular event, maybe annually, though at each conference if desired, then maybe everyone will regard that as the way to proceed and more emoji
     can be added in a continuing process so that consumers have an increasing supply of emoji as time goes on and yet it is all done using a regular Unicode encoding. It would thus become part of pop art and fashion.

    Anyway, just an idea that I hope some readers will find interesting. If readers can think of any ideas to improve upon my idea, then please post them.

    William Overington

    22 October 2009

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