Re: Gutenberg and ligatures

From: William_J_G Overington (
Date: Mon Oct 26 2009 - 01:40:55 CST

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    On Sunday, 25 October 2009, Andreas Stötzner <> wrote:

    > > Is there a term other than "ligature" to describe a
    > matrix or piece-of-type with two-or-more non-ligature
    > characters on them?
    > *Polytype*

    Thank you for replying.

    Yet surely poly- means many, and two or three or even four is not "many".

    > > How about pluglyph as an appropriate word?
    > What is “plu-” ?? Plural?

    I used it as in the word pluperfect, where plu- is a contraction of "plus quam", which means "more than".

    > Polytype or Polyglyphe seems better.

    Yet gives various links to various other things for both of them and also there is the problem that poly- means many.

    William Overington

    26 October 2009

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