Re: Adding new emoji (from Re: Twitter started supporting emoji in Japan)

From: Doug Ewell (
Date: Wed Oct 28 2009 - 15:36:16 CST

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    Peter Constable <petercon at microsoft dot com> wrote:

    >> If someone is building apps to support private emoji sets, evidently
    >> they must not feel it is such a bad idea, and might indeed treat the
    >> first wave of encoding as a precedent.
    > Doug, you are confusing encoding emoji _as coded characters_ versus
    > representing emoji _using a text-based protocol_. ":)" is not a
    > character, it is a character sequence. Using that to represent an
    > emoji is comparable to using &agrave; to represent a Latin character.
    > In each case, only certain applications support the protocol,
    > recognizing the given sequence and interpreting it as a single entity.

    OK, this is the part of John's post that I was missing: once
    transformed, the emoji are no longer stored as characters at all, PUA or
    otherwise, but are represented in the iPhone app as images. That's
    fine; online chat sites and poker clients have been doing that for

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