Unihan: kTraditionalVariant vs. kZVariant

From: Ben Monroe (bendono@gmail.com)
Date: Sun Dec 06 2009 - 01:29:30 CST

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    I was recently going over Unihan_Variants.txt and noticed the following entry:
      U+5909 kZVariant U+8B8A
    The corresponding Unihan entry is here:

    I would have expected the relationship to be kTraditionalVariant
    rather than kZVariant.
    I reviewed TR38: http://www.unicode.org/reports/tr38/#N10211
    The issue I assume comes down to "abstract shape". And yet I have a
    hard time concluding that these two have the same abstract shape.
    Beyond the apparent visual differences, they both have different
    radicals as well as significantly different stroke counts as well. And
    even if the kZVariant relationship holds, I would still expect and
    desire a kTraditionalVariant mapping as well.

    Would someone please explain this to me?

    Ben Monroe
    Tōkyō, Japan

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