Re: Unicode Haiku Contest

From: William_J_G Overington (
Date: Wed Dec 16 2009 - 03:39:38 CST

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    I wonder if I may please enter into the archive my fourteen entries to the recent Unicode Haiku Contest.

    William Overington

    16 December 2009


    Some Private Use codes
    Sentences that localize
    'phone, or throw nearby

    Submitted shortly before 12:28 pm on Monday 5 October 2009


    Apricot flowers
    The structure of Unicode
    Both are beautiful

    Submitted at 2:46 pm on Tuesday 6 October 2009


    Alt code then a star
    Enter text by telephone
    Extra star to end!

    Submitted at 6:17 am on Wednesday 7 October 2009


    A quality book
    The text has an a tilde
    Printed in Brazil

    Submitted at 9:12 am on Thursday 8 October 2009


    The poem is long
    There is a g circumflex
    Set in a garden

    Submitted at 9:33 am on Thursday 8 October 2009


    Cuneiform glyphs
    Clay tablets to Unicode
    Travelling through time

    Submitted at 11:57 am on Thursday 8 October 2009


    As if characters
    A portable object code
    A future encode?

    Submitted at or before 12:09 pm on Thursday 8 October 2009


    Lyrics of a song
    Within there is c caron
    They are being sung

    Submitted at or before 13:39 pm on Friday 9 October 2009


    Accented letters
    At Châlons-en-Champagne
    Shopping mall street sign

    Submitted at or before 7:27 am on Saturday 10 October 2009


    "It is spring." said she
    Localizable sentence
    F nine nought three C

    Submitted at 12:07 pm on Saturday 10 October 2009


    A rare key sequence
    Comet circumflex keycap
    Enters new codespace

    Submitted at or before 8:47 am on Monday 12 October 2009


    Permanent paper
    Sailboat and sun behind cloud
    Unicode pop art

    Submitted at or before 9:24 am on Monday 12 October 2009


    At the gallery
    notdef glyph exhibition
    Rectangles and more

    Submitted at 6:15 pm on Monday 12 October 2009


    Renaissance Venice
    Floral heart or Aldus leaf
    Now in Unicode

    Submitted at or before 6:34 pm on Monday 12 October 2009


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