Re: Medievalist ligature character in the PUA

From: Otto Stolz (
Date: Tue Dec 22 2009 - 09:02:34 CST

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    Asmus Freytag schrieb:
    > To give just one example:
    > Wachs + tube
    > Wach + stube
    > both have the same letters. [...]

    But are pronounced differently:

    > Hyphenation has other issues that very much complicate pattern analysis.
    > The standard example in German is
    > Urinstinkt

    Decades ago, I stumpled over another amusing example:

    "Dung" is dung, of course; I knew of "Radiolaren",
    but what are "Radiosen", after all? Re-reading the
    sentence two times, I found that it was about a
    "Radio-Sendung" (radio broadcast).

    Best wishes,
       Otto Stolz

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