Re: Filtering and displaying untrusted UTF-8

From: Andrew West (
Date: Tue Dec 29 2009 - 05:01:01 CST

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    2009/12/28 Jason Schauberger <>:
    > Of course it's likely that now unassigned code
    > points are assigned a character in future Unicode versions. However,
    > it's also possible that some of them will be assigned non-characters.
    > Then what's the point in filtering out any non-characters at all, if
    > you're completely neglecting the possibility that new non-characters
    > or control characters may be added in future versions and your
    > algorithm is potentially leaving them unfiltered?

    Ỳou're worrying about nothing. The Unicode Standard guarantees that no
    new control codes or noncharacters will ever be added to the standard.
    See the Stability Policy
    <>, where it states:

    "The General_Category property value Control (Cc) is immutable: the
    set of code points with that value will never change."

    "The Noncharacter_Code_Point property is an immutable code point
    property, which means that its property values for all Unicode code
    points will never change.".


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