Re: [unicode] kJapaneseOn and kJapaneseKun Use What Romanization Standard?

From: Christoph Burgmer (
Date: Mon Jan 25 2010 - 10:08:45 CST

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    > IMHO, a good improvement in Unihan.txt would be to have the readings
    > in Kana instead of romanization. Especially if the romanization is a
    > mixture of 2 different systems, that makes no sense. The Korean
    > readings in Unihan.txt are in Hangul and that makes sense.

    As I understand the data was donated to Unicode and is only being shipped as
    additional help for anyone to use. If things need to be changed it probably is
    up to us to do so. But before that we need to be sure which romanization(s)
    were used. And I believe only the creator can say for sure. It might not apply
    to Japanese, but for romanized Chinese content any data is next to useless
    unless you know which transcription exactly was used.

    Btw, the Korean reading was upgraded lately - it was only available in a
    romanization before, too, if I remember correctly.


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