Re: Uniocde protocol or URNs?

From: Brett Zamir (
Date: Tue Feb 02 2010 - 20:38:53 CST

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    Thanks for your reply...Responses below...

    On 2/3/2010 10:03 AM, Doug Ewell wrote:
    > Brett Zamir wrote:
    >> I thought I might at least get a reply on this one... There's really
    >> no interest in defining a custom protocol or URN schemes for Unicode
    >> characters or categories so that websites (esp. language-centric
    >> ones) or other environments could make links which would trigger the
    >> opening of a specialized Unicode viewing program?
    > Defining Web protocols isn't really something the Unicode Consortium
    > has historically gotten itself involved in. You might check with the
    > World Wide Wide Consortium and see if they consider it within their
    > scope.

    I could imagine that I might be told to find out first whether there is
    sufficient interest in the relevant community. :) Maybe the IETF could
    also be contacted if there were enough interest...

    > Additionally, there are plenty of solutions to the Unicode
    > character-map problem, for both Web and desktop.

    Sure. Each no doubt has its own strengths and unique features...

    > My favorite is BabelMap, but some prefer Web-based approaches like
    > . A special
    > protocol just for this purpose might or might not gain support.

    I might add that HTML5 is to allow web-based protocol handlers (already
    supported in at least Firefox) such that a web-site can also register
    itself as a protocol handler (such as could do)... The
    great thing would be that by using such a protocol, a site wouldn't need
    to commit their users to one tool or site (as a site could go offline,
    might not be favored by their users (or who might like to alternate
    between applications), the site might wish to be more neutral, etc.).

    best wishes,

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