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Date: Mon Feb 08 2010 - 16:42:14 CST

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    Denis asked:

    > PS: I just discovered parts 2 and 3! So, 3 more questions:
    > -7- Is part2 "Canonical Order Test" organised the same way


    > -8- Is is supposed to be used differently?


    > Else, why is it apart?

    Because those test cases were generated separately, to address
    particular edge cases for canonical ordering.

    > (anyway, proper ordering is supposed to be ensured in all cases, no?)


    > -9- What is part3 "PRI #29 Test"?

    Specific tests to address the edge cases discussed in:

    > What about a table of contents, when useful, and a few
    > words about intended use of each part?

    You'll have to address that to the author(s) of the test
    cases incorporated in the file.

    Basically, however, NormalizationTest.txt is designed as
    a machine-readable file, for a test engine testing an
    implementation of Unicode Normalization. It isn't supposed
    to be something that one reads through manually, trying
    to figure out what each test case was created for.
    An implementation should pass *all* of the test cases,
    and if it doesn't, it has a bug (or bugs) in it.

    Of course, if your implementation of Unicode Normalization
    has bugs in it, it might be helpful in figuring out those
    bugs to have more information about the details of the
    edge cases represented by any failing test case. But the
    data for the test cases was not assembled with the
    goal of it being a tutorial about normalization testing.
    Rather, it just is fairly exhaustive test data checking on
    the kinds of things that could fail in an implementation.


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