Re: Greek chars encoded twice -- why?

From: Kent Karlsson (
Date: Fri Feb 19 2010 - 05:56:54 CST

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    Den 2010-02-19 12.19, skrev ""

    > Precomposed characters are currently discouraged from use,

    They are certainly not discouraged from use. Indeed, the preferred
    normalisation form, NFC, will use precomposed characters as much as
    possible (with a few exceptions...).

    > and I believe NFKD is the prefered normalization.

    NFKD is not at all a preferred normalisation. Indeed, it is only applicable
    in certain contexts, like IDN.

    > Personally, I would put
    > precomposed characters, C0 and C1 controls, and Latin-1 micro sign at the top
    > of my list of what you characterize as "flaws".

    They are *WAY* down on my top list of flaws (as far down as to be in the
    not-worth-worrying-about bucket)... Far greater flaws pass by without much
    comment, since they are for scripts not used by everyone... Indeed some
    flaws seem to get more firmly institutionalised lately (for newly encoded
    scripts, or extensions).

            /kent k

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