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Date: Thu Mar 04 2010 - 03:47:44 CST

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    Out of curiosity, have you tried without Arial Unicode MS? You might have better luck with a font like plain old Arial, so font fallback can take over....


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    Thanks for the added details, Vinodh. It does look strange. I've passed this on to relevant people to look at.


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    Subject: Re: [unicode] Problems with Windows 7 Unicode Font Rendering

    > * if I write Devanagari-only text, the result is ok.

    > * if I write Tamil-only text, the result is ok.

    > * if I write a text including both of Devanagari & Tamil, the result is not ok.

    Exactly !

    > In your screenshot, MS Word & Notepad.exe are compared.

    > I'm not sure if the screenshot shows the trouble you described. It

    > seems that the left-side vowel signs are not displayed correctly in

    > Notepad.exe. What is wrong in MS Word? Sorry my ignorance on Indic

    > script.

    Both in Notepad & MS Word, Arial Unicode MS is the selected font. But you can see that, in MS Word only Devanagari is displayed properly, Tamil vowel signs are not placed properly. While in the Notepad, only Tamil display is correct

    See the below screenshot again:

    The same scenario is repeated with Kannada & Gujarati (both are supported by Arial Unicode MS)

    For some strange reasons, it seems in a Multi-Script text, only the first script block is rendered correctly.

    With Regards,

    Vinodh Rajan

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    > On Sun, 28 Feb 2010 23:57:48 +0530

    > Vinodh Rajan <> wrote:


    >>I have a peculiar issue with Windows 7 Unicode Font Rendering.


    >>Windows 7 seems to support the display only one script block of a

    >>Multi-Lingual Font (Such as Arial Unicode MS, Code2000) at a time. The

    >>other script blocks in the same font are not rendered properly at all.


    > The trouble you had is something like following?





    >>But the fonts have full support for all the blocks.



    > Regards,

    > mpsuzuki


    >>Is it an issue with the latest Uniscribe Engine ?


    >>My Uniscribe Version is 1.626.7600


    >>With Regards,


    >>Vinodh Rajan




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