Re: property, character, and sequence name loose matching

From: Mark Davis ☕ (
Date: Wed Mar 10 2010 - 18:59:12 CST

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    I agree. The matching rules are also to be a bit lenient in the face of
    normal human confusion between \p{WhiteSpace}, \p{White_Space}, and


    On Wed, Mar 10, 2010 at 13:02, Asmus Freytag <> wrote:

    > This whole discussion represents a fundamental misunderstanding of the
    > matching rules.
    > First, there are the naming rules for characters (etc.). These define how
    > legal formal names are *created*. (Those rules are spelled out in an annex
    > to 10646, for example).
    > Then there are the matching rules. They impact legal formal names only
    > insofar as accidental matches (under those rules )between otherwise legal
    > namer are disallowed, therefore effectively disallowing a small slice of
    > possible future names.
    > But, the matching rules define something else: they allow certain
    > modifications of names to fit the strictures of a given syntax (where spaces
    > generally are not allowed, but - or _ may be allowed).
    > Yes, you can create your own syntax, where a space is inserted after nearly
    > every character, and if you do that correctly, character names in your
    > modified syntax can still be matched against formal names. Whether that's
    > advisable is another issue. What is useful, is the ability to have a
    > well-defined match of
    > LatinLetterCapitalA and latin_letter_capital_a to LATIN CAPITAL LETTER A.
    > A./

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