Cyrillic character ID

From: Αλέξανδρος Διαμαντίδης (
Date: Thu Mar 18 2010 - 16:57:27 CST

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    Hello all,

    My godmother had an old icon of the Theotokos (dated 1919 on the back in
    pencil) with a word that ends in a character I couldn't recognise from
    the Unicode charts. Since I was curious both about the character and
    about the word, I decided to ask here.

    The icon has the following in small letters, so it must have been made in

    Xромолитографія Π•. И. ЀСсСнко, въ. ОдСссѣ

    The word I'm asking about seems like "Π˜Π²Ρ”Ρ€ΡΠΊΡ—?" (not sure about the last
    letter). I'm attaching a photo. Thanks in advance for any replies!



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