Re: super- and subscripted characters

From: André Szabolcs Szelp (
Date: Sun Mar 21 2010 - 14:07:11 CST

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    > There is a superscripted x, namely U+02E3, MODIFIER SMALL LETTER SMALL X,
    > “ˣ”. I don’t know why it has been included and what it is used for, but I
    > would guess it is used in some phonetic notations, or maybe in the writing
    > system(s) of some small language(s).

    Jukka, you should know! ;-)

    It's used recently in _Finnish_ phonemic notation (earlier people used
    the apostrophe) to mark the silent phoneme which only appears as
    sandhi gemination of the following initial consonant at the end of
    words (mostly ending [orthographically] in -e, so phonemically in
    [-eˣ]. (Historically -ˣ < -ʔ < -k).

    o.: vaatekauppa, pht.: [vaatekkauppa], phm.: /vaateˣ + kauppa/
    o.: sanopa, pht.: [sanoppa], phm.: /sanoˣ + -pa/
    o.: Tule kotin!, pht.: [tulek kotin], phm.: /tuleˣ kotin/


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