Re: Greek letter "LAMDA"?

From: David J. Perry (
Date: Tue Jun 01 2010 - 19:53:19 CDT

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    > Perhaps we need to have a for novices to ask
    > questions, and make this list be member-only?

    This list is valuable to me, since I do a fair amount of work with font and
    encoding issues. But I am not a member of the Unicode Consortium (for
    financial reasons) and would not wish to see this list limited to members of
    the Consoritum, if that is what you mean by member-only.

    It is truly admirable -- and unusual in today's world -- that experts like
    Ken Whistler and others will answer a novice's question. Such answers not
    only get the right information into people's hands, but in my view enhance
    the reputation of the Unicode Consortium and the work of Unicode in general.
    The fact that everyone is welcome on this list seems to me fundamentally
    connected with the process of enabling people to use computers easily in
    whatever language they need, which (to me) is what Unicode is all about.

    Those who know more can usually see where a thread is going and just delete
    those they aren't interested in.


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