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Date: Wed Jun 02 2010 - 08:03:04 CDT

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    Van Anderson <vanisaac at boil dot afraid dot org> wrote:

    > Look up the Conscript Unicode Registry if you want to examine a
    > pseudo-standardized Private Use agreement. A simple mapping table will
    > enable you to equate your private use "standard" to the officially
    > encoded forms of these scripts, when that time comes, if you wish to
    > publicize - in the sense of both "enable public use" and "get the
    > message out" - your mappings. The CSUR already has three scripts:
    > Phaistos Disk, Deseret, and Shavian, that have migrated to the
    > Standard, and we're waiting on Tengwar and Cirth to make the move as
    > well; it actually seems to work quite well.

    Coordinating the PUA code points with CSUR (and other PUA allocation
    schemes like SIL and MUFI) would be a good idea, to reduce the risk of
    collision. As a reminder, though, CSUR itself is for Constructed
    Scripts, so ancient Chinese characters that are actually part of the Han
    script probably would not belong there.

    I'm not sure how much longer we should continue to wait for Tengwar and

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