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    In addition to u, uu rollback (to early Tamil logic), the e, ee, o, oo are
    of a highly illogical recently introduced phenomenon. Hence the e, ee, o, oo
    matras (combines) also need to be rolledback to early Tamil logic too.


    For the above to happen, all UC need to do is
    1/ Remove dotted circle restrictions for Tamil combining vowels (matra/puNar
    2/ Allow linear display, when a font is designed for that purpose. (The
    other is complex rendered contemporary display). Linear display can be used
    for some time to come, while the Government passes a decree for a
    "controlled stability path for change".


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    > Periyar EVR is called Thanthai Periyar due to the impact of the
    > Dravidian movement in Tamil Nadu. His followers' parties have ruled
    > Tamil Nadu state in India
    > ever since Arignar C. N. Annadurai led DMK to victory in 1967 general
    > elections.
    > Periyar EVR's main policy with respect to Tamil language is the scientific
    > method of writing Tamil and which calls for Uyirmey matrix simplification.
    > Viduthalai, a newspaper founded by Periyar consistently dispalys
    > on a page the Uyirmey forms of simplified u, uu uyirmey letters
    > as advocated by him from 1930s:
    > Now, Viduthalai has written an Editorial on the subject:
    > Evidently, Tamil Nadu Govt. can act upon Periyar's advice,
    > and allow people to use the simplified uyirmey letters
    > in schools etc.,
    > If Tamil Nadu Government asks for this,
    > then like the neigboring Malayalam script in Unicode,
    > Tamil script fonts for the vocalized consonants involving
    > vowel matras, u and uu, can be in unligated form also.
    > Please note that all neighbroing scripts of Tamil
    > namely Telugu, Grantha, Kannada, Sinhala, Malayalam
    > are all having u, uu forms much more simplified than
    > Tamil ligated forms.
    > Anbudan,
    > N. Ganesan

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