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Date: Sat Jun 05 2010 - 03:46:02 CDT

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    On Friday 4 June 2010, Mark Davis ☕ <> wrote:
    > You (or William Overington, for example) are free to define a range within that area for your specific use.
    Well, as it happens I did make some Private Use Area allocations for hexadecimal digits back in 2002.

    In fact, I implemented a set of 16 equal width glyphs 1..9 and A..F in my Quest text font, which font was the first font with a complete alphabet that I ever published.
    I have added to the font at various times over the years, though nothing has been changed since 2008.
    The font is available from the following web page.

    The font has its own thread in the Gallery forum at the webspace.

    Also, the font is used for one of the graphic designs in the following collection.

    The particular design being as follows, which design, as it happens, I remembered recently when looking through the emoji code chart.

    It is worth mentioning that no Private Use Area code point allocations are binding on anyone else and that just because one person uses a particular Private Use Area allocation for some purpose that usage does not mean that nobody else will use that code point allocation for something else.
    However, within those limits, the Private Use Area can be useful for many purposes. For example, I have recently been using the Private Use Area for adding some alternate glyphs to a font and I am pleased with the results.
    The font is Sonnet Calligraphic and is still under development, yet the font is available from its own thread in the Gallery forum of the webspace.

    What I like about the font is that good results can be achieved using the font with Microsoft WordPad, which is widely available.
    William Overington
    5 June 1020

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