Re: Tamil u,uu matra consonants - Orthographic variation

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Date: Thu Jun 10 2010 - 13:31:40 CDT

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    Yes that is one solution.
    A more permanant solution will include, in addition to NZWJ, a font without
    complex rendering of selective matras. (Ie a plain linear even text without
    NZWJ is the goal).

    Yes, both of these require removal of dotted circle facility.

    A text written for default encoding would also be readable in the one
    without the ZWNJ format. ie, it is not dependent on source file, but depend
    on how you want to read. For this NZWJ will not help.


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    > On Wed, Jun 9, 2010 at 2:04 PM, SS <> wrote:
    >> What we need is
    >> 1/the removal of dotted circles
    > Currently the problem is w.r.t. IE browsers, MS Word, PPT etc.,
    > When ZWNJ is used, a dotted circle shows up.
    > In order to avoid the dotted circle for making unligated u, uu matra
    > consonants for Tamil, the Standard has to have a section
    > explaing the orthographic variation. Just like in Malayalam
    > text section.
    > Once documented Microsoft products (Word, PPT, Silverlight, ...)
    > Adobe (Flash, DTP products InDesign, CorelDraw), Apple iPhone, iPad
    > and all browsers (Google Chrome, Firefox and IE) should be able
    > to show the unligate u,uu forms without dotted circles
    > in the web, pdf etc.,
    > N. Ganesan

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