Pronunciation of the word emoji

From: William_J_G Overington (
Date: Tue Jul 06 2010 - 03:58:45 CDT

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    I am wondering how people pronounce the word emoji.
    I realize that I have never heard the word emoji spoken by anyone and that how I imagine it pronounced may differ from how others pronounce it.
    I use three syllables as follows.
    An ee sound as in tree.
    A mo sound as in mowing a lawn.
    A ji sound as in jive the dance, and as the gi in giant.
    Yet I imagine that other pronunciations are possible, such as the following.
    An em sound as in empire.
    An odge sound as in lodge.
    An ee sound as in tree.
    Could some other readers say how they pronounce the word emoji please?
    How is the word emoji said at Unicode Technical Committee meetings?
    Does everybody at the meeting pronounce the word emoji in the same way?
    Is there a pronunciation that derives from the original Japanese?
    William Overington
    6 July 2010

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