Re: 001B, 001D, 001C

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Date: Wed Jul 07 2010 - 09:40:23 CDT

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    > 001B, 001D, 001C are present in some keyboard layouts. What are these
    > characters used for?

    In Unicode, 001B, 001D, 001C are defined as control characters, without
    defining their semantics and usage; see

    Are you sure that the keys actually send these codes? Names like "ESC",
    "GS", and "FS" that may be used in key caps do not necessarily imply that a
    particular code is generated.

    Typically, for example, 001B is used in applications to create low-level
    "escape sequences", consisting of 001B (ESC) and a few normal characters, so
    that the escape sequence as a whole has some control function.

    For some additional notes, check


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