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Date: Wed Jul 07 2010 - 11:42:22 CDT

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    I meant the author of the web page, the question being that "wouldn't a web site author realize their mistake when they looked at the web site they just made and it was broken." It's clear that if you owned this web site you'd do something different, and it would probably work for you :)

    Obviously I have no clue what the exact situation is at Google, however, in general, perhaps not your specific case, the charset tag on the web cannot be 100% reliably trusted, regardless of what the RFCs say. Perhaps, in the future, enough content will be corrected to sway the balance. Likely it'll get worse though :(, as content is blindly copied between pages without regard to charset markup... unless UTF-8 gets more momentum. If the web suddenly switched to being 100% perfect about recognizing charset tags, all the software vendors would suddenly get millions of complaints about "hey, why'd my favorite web page stop working?" It's really hard to shift everyone to the "right" solution, whether it works or not.

    It's possible your message might be more successful if sent in UTF-8? (I have no clue, but it might be worth trying).


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    > "Often" the author seems to use the same code page
    > they were expecting as a system default, so it can appear
    > to work for them even when it's wrong.

    I am the author of this news message:

    Please explain someone to me why is not smart
    enough to display the special, non-ASCII characters correctly.

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