Re: Bengali Script

From: Michael S. Kaplan (
Date: Sun Jul 11 2010 - 22:49:20 CDT

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    > Don't you think it is good idea to first see what the two standards say?
    > One standard comes from Government of Bangladesh (GOB) and the other
    > from West Bengal Government (WBG).
    > Why don't we ask both GOB and WBG to send the list letters/symbols
    > including cascaded conjuncts as per each standard?
    > I think each standard "letters/symbols including cascaded conjuncts"
    > will fit into A4 JPG image.

    What might be most appropriate is for everyone to allow both the group
    that joined Unicode as an institutional member and the one that did not
    (which currently works through the government of India in most cases, as a
    by-the-way intended to get people to realize there is a masjor respesct
    issue going on here too, even beyond the ridiculous name conversation) to
    do what it wants to do, in the order it wants to do so.

    The Unicode Mailing List is not the place for a group to officially
    provide information or ask questions, and doing so is largely a
    distraction a lot more often then it is of help (the extensive arguments
    over the word "Bangladeshi" are just the most recent example -- this has
    nothing whatsoever to do with Unicode!).

    So, in the interests of not continuing these ultimately fruitless lines of
    conversation, could everyone just take a breath and stop trying to work on
    what folks in Bangladesh (or West Bengal, or India) want from or in
    Unicode until they have a chance to state it -- in all likelihood on the
    UNICORE list, not the UNICODE one, as the siganl-to-noise ratio is a lot


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