RE: Indian Rupee Sign (U+20B9) proposal

From: CE Whitehead (
Date: Tue Jul 20 2010 - 20:12:42 CDT

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    Date: Tue Jul 20 2010 - 03:52:22 CDT


    >> For my two cents,
    >> I agree with Asmus and Van; pre-implement the final code point;
    >> thanks also Michael for separating the glyph from the rupee symbol.
    >> Best,
    >> C. E. Whitehead

    > I didn't say that. All I suggest is releasing v. 6.0.x, preferably the day that the WG2 approves the new Rupee sign or as > soon thereafter as a new code chart can be uploaded. I don't necessarily think that font vendors probably should map > to the new code point before then, and definitely not before Redmond. Amsus may have a bit more relaxed attitude,

    > borne from experience, but I actually take the conformance rules fairly strictly.

    > -Van

    > PS, sorry for the accidental partial post.
    Sorry if I misinterpreted your comments. That was my error. You clearly did not say that. My apologies.




    C. E. Whitehead


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