Re: High dot/dot above punctuation?

From: Khaled Hosny (
Date: Thu Jul 29 2010 - 03:15:46 CDT

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    On Thu, Jul 29, 2010 at 10:01:37AM +0200, Kent Karlsson wrote:
    > Den 2010-07-29 08.47, skrev "Khaled Hosny" <>:
    > > I have few fonts where I implemented a 'locl' OpenType feature that maps
    > > European to Arabic digits, and contextual substitution feature that
    > > replaces the dot with Arabic decimal separator when it comes between two
    > > Arabic numbers, so I think it is doable.
    > Doable is not the same thing as a good idea. Your example here is one of the
    > not-at-all-good ideas.

    This was done of a GUI font, the main aim is to have Arabic numbers in
    Arabic contexts and vice versa, since the numbers here are generated on
    the fly like dates, percentages etc. it is not possible (or even
    desirable) to change the input. Also, I don't buy in Unicode idea of
    encoding different sets of decimal digits separately, they are all
    different graphical presentations of the same thing.


     Khaled Hosny
     Arabic localiser and member of team
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