Re: High dot/dot above punctuation?

From: Martin J. Dürst (
Date: Thu Jul 29 2010 - 23:20:47 CDT

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    Hello Joanma,

    On 2010/07/30 12:05, Juanma Barranquero wrote:
    > On Fri, Jul 30, 2010 at 04:52, "Martin J. Dürst"<> wrote:
    >> It's very clear that we would get nowhere if we wanted to encode
    >> all these.
    > The comment I respondend to talked about characters that are already encoded.

    Sorry, I didn't get that.

    >> In simpler words, you cannot use the needs of discussions about encoding
    >> (the meta-level) to determine encodings.
    > Discussing arabic versus latin numerals is not more meta-level that
    > talking about upper vs. lowercase.

    Yes indeed. If these distinctions were only necessary when talking
    *about* these characters (meta-level) rather than when just using them
    (non-meta), then I would indeed agree that there is no reason to encode
    them separately.

    Regards, Martin.

    #-# Martin J. Dürst, Professor, Aoyama Gakuin University

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